Some Early Settlers of
Plymouth, New England
including Duxbury and Marshfield

This page lists those families among the early settlers of Plymouth, who were the ancestors of the persons to whom this web site is dedicated. Direct ancestors are in bold. Links will be created to these families as the web pages are created.

The settlement of Plymouth began with the arrival of the Mayflower on 11 December 1620. Passengers included:

The Fortune arrived on 10 November 1621 with additional settlers, including the following:

The Anne arrived at Plymouth on 10 July 1623 and the Little James a week or ten days later. These ships brought more settlers, including the following:

In the years that followed, more persons settled at Plymouth, some coming directly from England, other arriving first at Massachusetts, then moving to Plymouth. Also, many of the early settlers of Plymouth moved to nearby developing settlements, including Duxbury (incorporated 1637) and Marshfield (incorporated 1649). The years indicated below are the earliest documented dates for their presence at Plymouth. Among these are the following:

John and Alice Shaw and their children, John, Abigail and James
Mary (Durant) Ring and her children, Elizabeth, Susanna and Andrew.
Richard and Mary (Goodall) Masterson and their children Nathaniel and Sarah
John and Ann Doane and daughter Lydia
Richard Church (First dettled at Weymouth by 1630)
Kenelm Winslow
John Barnes
Stephen Bryant
Edmund Chandler and children Samuel and Lydia
Thomas Little
William and Wybra (Hanson) Pontus and their children Mary and Hannah
Thomas Pope
John Washburn
William and Jane Collier and children Mary, Rebecca, Sarah, and Elizabeth
Mary Plummer (married John Barnes)
William Shurtleff
Rebecca ________ (married Edward Bangs)
Ann Plummer (married Henry Samson)
Margaret (Moore) Washburn, wife of John Washburn and their sons John and Philip.
William Nelson
William Thomas and son Nathaniel (moved to Marshfield by 1641)
James Glass
Thomas ans Susanna Hayward and children Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Susanna and Martha. They settled at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1635, moved to Duxbury in 1638, and to Bridgewater, Plymouth Colony, by 1658.
Frances West and Margery Reeves settled at Duxbury
Arthur and Margaret Howland and their children, deborah, Mary and Martha settlerd in Marshfield
John Tomson
John Howard settled in Duxbury
William Harlow In Lynn, Massachusetts, by 1637, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony in 1638, married at Plymouth in 1649 and remained there.
Thomas Lucas
John Barrows and his first wife and their son Robert
Francis Adams
Francis LeBaron

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