Ancestors and Descendants
Francis Xavier Breux and Julia Etienne, Immigrants
and also related branches of
Rieff and Girod Families
French Roots

On 24 September 2014, George and Mimi Lezenby, their daughter Constance, and her husband Charles Maxfield, visited Pompierre-sur-Doubs, in the department of Doubs, France. When we explained to the two women at the Town Hall why we were there, the one who spoke some English lifted up her hands and with a big smile said, “You are the first people from the United States who ever visited us.” The other woman, who was familiar with genealogical research, went to a cupboard, and pulled out the old copies of the Civil Register, which has been kept in each community since 1793, and found the vital records that extended our knowledge of the Breux family. We are very much indebted to these women for our knowledge of our ancestors - and we never got their names! We took notes and photographs of some pages. The time went by quickly (the Town Hall is only open two hours a week), and we did not get all of the documentation one should have, but our information is good.

PIERRE FRANCOIS BREUX was born at France about 1760-1.[1] He married AGNES NATION.[2]

The estimate of Pierre's birth date is based on his age as recorded on the birth record of his grandson. The name of his spouse is given on the death record of their daughter Josette.

Pierre was not a native of Pompierre-sur-Doubs, but moved there from another part of France. He was a shoemaker.

Pierre Francois Breux and his wife Agnes Nation had the following children, perhaps others:

  1. JEANNE FRANCOISE BREUX b. at Francew about 1788-9.
  2. JOSETTE BREUX b. at France about 1793-4; d. at Pompierre-sur-Doubs on 5 May 1875; m. SIMON BOBY.[3]

JEANNE FRANCOISE BREUX (PierreA ) was born at France about 1788-9[4] a daughter of Pierre Francois Breux and his wife Agnes Nation.

There is no record of Jeanne marrying. She was living with her father at the time of the birth of her son.

Jeanne Francoise Breux had the following child:

  1. FRANCIS XAVIER BREUX b. at Pompierre-sur-Doubs on 12 June 1817.


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"Register de l'Etat Civil: Pompier-sur-Doubs." Town Hall, Pompierre-sur-Doubs, Doubs, France.

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