Some Early Settlers of
Weymouth, Massachusetts

This page lists those families among the early settlers of Weymouth, who were the ancestors of the persons to whom this web site is dedicated. Direct ancestors are in bold. Links will be created to these families as the web pages are created.

Formerly called, Wessagusset, the first attempt at settlement occurred in 1622 under the leadership of Thomas Weston. This colony collapsed, and a second attempt was made by Robert Gorges in 1623. These colonies did not last, and the colonists dispersed. Some of the families that later lived in Weymouth may be descended from these early immigrants, but this is difficult to document. With the establishment of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630, a few more settlers came in. The effective settlement began in 1635 when Rev. Joseph Hull, formerly of Weymouth in Dorset, arriced on the Marygold with 21 families, a total of 106 persons, who supported his ministry. on 8 July they were permitted to settle at Wessagusset, and the name was changed to Weymouth. Following this major settlement, the Town continued to grow.

Settlers of the "Hull company" included:

Other settlers about 1635:

In the years that followed, more persons settled at Weymouth, some coming directly from England, other arriving first at other places in Massachusetts, then moving to Weymouth. The years indicated below are the earliest documented dates for their presence at Weymouth. Among these are the following:

Maccuth and Elizabeth (Kingman) Pratt and their children Mary, Thomas, William, Matthew, Elizabeth, John and Samuel
John and Judith Rogers
the wife of Thomas White
Nicholas Byram
wife of Richard Porter
Edward ans Susanna (Putnam) Bates and their children Susanna and John
James and Elizabeth Priest
John Harding
Philip and Mary Reed
Thomas and Agnes Dyer
James and Alice (Higgins) Nash and their sons James, John, and Jacob
John and Elizabeth Stream and their children Elizabeth, Thomas, Benjamin and John
John Vining
William and Avis (Chepman) Reed and their children Margaret and Hannah
Thomas Drake
Nicholas Phillips (from Dedham, where he first settled in 1636), his wife, not identified, and children born at Dedham, Richard, Alice, Experience, Caleb, Joshua, Benjamin, Hannah and Abigail
John Hollis
John and Sarah Vinson

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