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I have undertaken a Maxfield surname genealogy for two reasons:

  1. Tracing genealogy is like unwinding a tangled ball of yarn. Each strand that I can identify and isolate, the easier it is to untangle the other strands. I can better trace my own Maxfield line as I identify other lines.

  2. What would be most helpful to someone just beginning to research their Maxfield ancestors? If you don't know from which line your Maxfield ancestors came, a website that covers all Maxfield lines will be most helpful.

I have received complaints about not including Maxfield descendnts who bore other surnames. Therefore (brginning in 2017) I am including other descendants as the information becomes available to me. However I am not going to attempt a full genealogy of descendants of Maxfield progenetors.

What a surname genealogy offers in breadth it lacks in depth. You need to look upon this genealogy as an outline. You need to fill in the details and make needed corrections. Much of the information on these pages comes from census records and other information on the internet. These suggest but do not prove relationships. A good genealogist will go the next step and consult vital records and probate records to confirm, complete, or correct what is suggested by the census records. I have neither the time nor the money to do this for all branches of the Maxfields.

I include links to other Maxfield genealogy pages on the internet. If you prepare such a page, please let me know, and I will put a link to your website on my website. If you have information to correct or add to what I have, please share it with me. If you have questions, please contact me

Chuck Maxfield


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There are several ways of explaining the name Maxfield, but the most plausable relate it to a place in England called Macclesfield. The village of Macclesfield is located in the eastern part of Cheshire, about 40 miles east of Liverpool. It today has a population in the neighborhood of 40,000.


Janis Redpath-Kennedy, a descendant of John Maxfield of Salisbury, Massachusetts, has done a DNA search, and is interested in others interested in this avenue of research. She has pursued with the help of male relatives a Y-chromosone search that traces the male line. She e-mailed me on 16 October 2009:
This whole DNA thing is so exciting! I can say with some certainty that my line of Maxfields was in the Derbyshire area (Peak National Forest with the Macclesfield Forest at its edge) before the time of surnames. I can also say that I am most likely related, again before surnames most likely, to one line of the Pegg family of England. I am confident that I am not a Briton originally, but some part of the invading Romans during the Romano-Briton era.
A second e-mail from Janis, on 7 December 2009, provided more information:
At this point, I am in a small sub clade of a very small (2% of the UK) haplogroup. There are 15 or more of us fitting both from YDNA testing as well as from advanced SNP testing. One DNA research paper puts forth the argument that all of our haplogroup (E1b1bb, or M-35 for short) was actually imported by the Roman military. We could have been pressed into military service or mining slavery in the Derbyshire area most immediately from the Iberian Peninsula. We could have been merchants or seamen from the Iberian coast. However the "deep roots" of John Maxfield are in the E1b1b1b Haplogroup. Hence we are not of Scots or Irish descent, but rather of an Ibero-Brit group. There is still a lot more research to be done in this Haplogroup, but it is almost certain that we were not original Briton males. New tests have been developed and have helped us to drill down deeper into our genetic past. We are very excited that we continue to add new members to our group and now see ourselves as three distinct branches. The surname Pegg or variants such as Peche or de Pecco, form the nucleus of our Ibero-Brit group which may very well have been our family surname that precedes de Macclesfield. With this information we may soon be able to track down John Maxfield, where he was born, lived, and more about his life and why he came to America.
Her reserch has been carried out by Family Tree DNA. If you're interested in cooperating in this project you can contact Janis Redpath-Kennedy at


English - The name Maxfield is English. The 1841 Census of Great Britain (as indexed at; accessed 14 June 2013) reported 521 Maxfields in England, ten in Wales, and one in Scotland, none on the Channel Islands or Isle on Man. Those Maxfields outside of England were in counties that bordered England. Clearly, Maxfield is an English name. All those stories about Maxfields being Scottish are not true. Perhaps some of our ancestors admired the more colorful Scots, and wished they were among them. But they weren’t.

Scotch-Irish - So if Maxfields are not Scottish, how did they become part of the Scotch-Irish immigration to America? We need to understand who the Scotch-Irish were. Beginning about 1610 King James began settling British Protestants in northern Ireland. Most were lowland Scots, but they also included many English settlers. Probably the “Scotch-Irish” Maxfields were immigrants from England who became an integral part of the Protestant community of Ireland and intermarried with the Scots.

African American - Eight of the Maxfield lines listed below, and numerous smaller fragments, are African American. Why they chose the Maxfield surname is unknown. Perhaps some are descended from white Maxfield men and women of African ancestry. This is the belief of the descendants of George Maxfield (line # 39B), who have done considerable research and link their ancestry to the line of Alexander Maxfield (line # 3). This is very possible, but I have not seen the research. Perhaps DNA testing could provide links between more black and white Maxfield lines.

French Canadian - In 1809, at the height of the Napoleonic Wars, a British seaman, Edward Maxfield, left his ship in Quebec, married a French Canadian woman, and their numerous descendants became part of the French Canadian community. Most of their descendants later migrated to New England.

Cherokee - Jenkins Maxfield and Thomas Maxfield lived among the Cherokee, married Cherokee women, and had children who, because of their mothers' descent, were members of the Cherokee nation.

German - A small number of Maxfeldts, from Hanover in Germany, came to America in the 19th century. They settled in Texas, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. At least one descendant believes these three groups are related.


Do you know anyone named Maxfield who has not been called Maxwell? This is a chronic problem. Census takers, vital records clerks, and newspaper writers have been calling us "Maxwell" forever! According to the 1930 Census Index at (accessed 21 April 2012). There were 36,027 Maxwells in the United States, compared to 3,492 Maxfields. In addition to that other name being more numerous, it has much wider name recognition. I guess Maxfield Chocolates have a long way to go before they are as well know as Maxwell House Coffee. Some vital records have one surname for the parents and the other for the child. Some newspaper headlines say "Maxwell" while the text of the article says "Maxfield." In a few cases it appears that Maxfields gave up trying to correct people, and took the name of Maxwell. Where a family is called by both names in different censuses, I conjecture that the error is in replacing the less common name with the more common. Only in cases where "Maxfield" is used only once, and Maxwell every other time, have I conjectured that the mistake went the other way.

Mayfield differs from Maxfield by only one portion of one letter; one is often mistaken for the other because of poor penmanship of record keepers. In the 1930 Census there were 14,036 Mayfields. This may come as a surprise to some Maxfields, as many of us live in areas where the other name is rare. In the 1930 Census Maxfields outnumbered Mayfields in 17 states, mostly in the North (CT, DE, HI, IA, ID, MA, ME, MN, ND, NH, NJ, NY, RI, SD, UT, VT, WY), which account for 40% of all Maxfields, and only 3% of all Mayfields. On the other hand, Mayfields outnumber Maxfields by more than ten-to-one in 12 states, mostly in the South (AL, AZ, GA, LA, MO, MS, NC, NM, SC, TN, TX, WV), where 57% of all Mayfields are found, and only 11% of all Maxfields. There is one case in Indiana where a man consistently called Maxfield had parents consistently called Mayfield. Otherwise, the confusion is usually a penmanship issue.

Maxfeld and Maxfeldt are names of German origin that are often confused with Maxfield, and these families are often mistakenly called Maxfield. The 1930 Census reported only 11 Maxfelds, all but one derived from a family that settled in San Antonio, Texas (The other one is a mistake for Maxfield). Maxfeldt was found 24 times in that census, belonging to a family that settled in Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa. It is possible that two "Macksfields" in New Jersey are also from this German family.

Other names confused with Maxfield, and their frequency in the 1930 Census are: Manfield (229), Marfield (135), Maxville (43), Morfield (35), Monfield (10), Munfield (10), MacField (7), and Macksfield (4). Many of these are mistakes for Maxfield. The last mentioned, Macksfield, being a phonetic spelling, was more common in older records.


Following are the 22 Maxfield lines in America for which I have at least twenty names in my database, that can be traced to an immigrant (or a person claimed to be child of an immigrant) in chronological order of immigration. Then follow 15 additional line "fragments" not traced to an immigrant, for which I have at least one hundred names in my database, in approximate chronological order. After this I have listerd several other fragments, of from 40 to 99 names, grouped by race or place of origin. I welcome any information that can help me to link any of these lines to other lines, or to fill in more details. The number of persons in my database belonging to each line is indicated.


1. Clement Maxfield (-1692) and his wife Mary Denman, immigrants from England, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, by 1639. (1343 people)
By the third generation, Clement's descendants were located in two places that I know of: Dorchester, MA, and Bristol, RI. I cannot trace the Dorchester-Roxbury branch of the family beyond the mid-Nineteenth Century. Descendants were numerous in the three towns of Bristol County, RI (Bristol, Barrington, Warren). Several descendants were found in nearby communities (Providence, Smithfield, East Providence, North Providence, Cranston and Warwick, RI, and Rehoboth, MA). One branch of the family moved to Whiteside County, IL, and from there spread to Rock Island and Peoria counties. Other branches of the family settled in Iowa (Clinton, Woodbury, Cerro Gordo and Scott counties), New York (Albany County and Brooklyn), Washington (Pierce County), and California (Solano and San Joaquin counties). A few wandered into Connecticut (Killingly and Lebanon) in the early eighteenth century, but I have not been able to trace them further.
I have placed a few lines in this family based on location and the selection of given names. This is assuming the Maxfield families of Danbury and New Milford, Connecticut, are descended from Clement, which is not proven. These are:

2. John Maxfield, immigrant from England, of Salisbury, Massachusetts, by 1652. (6450 people).
Information from the following sources has been incorporated into this website:

In the second generation Timothy 2 (John1) moved to Dartmouth, Massachusetts. In the third generation, Michael3 (John2-1) moved to Chichester, New Hampshire, Joseph3 (Joseph2, John1) moved to Weare, New Hampshire, and Joshua3 (Joseph2, John1) moved to nearby Bradford, New Hampshire. In the fourth generation, David4 (Eliphalet3, Nathaniel2, John1) moved to Piermont, New Hampshire, and then to Fairfax and Georgia, Vermont, Nathaniel4 (Eliphalet3, Nathaniel2, John1) moved to Loudon, New Hampshire, and Eliphalet4 (Eliphalet3, Nathaniel2, John1) moved to Sandwich, New Hampshire.
The following Maxfields of the fifth generation of this line passed on the name:

3. Alexander Maxfield, of Northampton County, VA, by 1655. (54 people)
Alexander Maxfield/Maxwell was living in Northampton County, Virginia, when he witnessed a will in 1655. He is the probable father of Stephen, whose descendants migrated up the DelMarVa Peninsula to Philadelphia. The artist/illustrator Frederick Maxfield Parrish is descended from this line.

4. John Maxfield of Dutchess County, New York, by 1722 (560 people).
John Maxfield was of Dutchess County, NY, in 1722, when he, an apprentice, complained to the court of his abusive master. The court granted him release. Two probable grandchildren of John are: Other possible descendants of this line, possibly the children of widow Sary Maxfield of Herkimer County, NY, are:

5. William Maxfield (1727-1810), immigrant from Ireland, of Windham, Maine, by 1747. (785 people).
This family is well documented on the following website:
King, Marilyn Maxfield. Maxfield Genealogy: Descendants of William Maxfield.
This family had numerous descendants in Maine (Windham, Falmouth, Bradford, Westbrook, Lewiston, Bangor, Stockton Springs, Portland, Raymond, Casco, Naples, Bridgton, Durham, Vassalboro, Waterford, and Biddeford). A few located in other eastern states, Massachusetts (Malden, Lawrence, Boston, Amesbury, Cambridge, Medford, Lowell), Connecticut (Bridgeport), New York (Dutchess County), New Jersey (Essex County), Pennsylvania (Montgomery County), and Maryland (Anne Arundel County). The largest branch of the family outside of Maine settled in Washington (Clallam, Pierce and King counties). Others went to Wisconsin (Outagamie County), Colorado (Denver), California (Kern County) and Texas (Bexar County).

6. Seth Maxfield (abt 1760-abt 1835), John Maxfield (abt 1770-abt 1840), and James Maxfield (abt 1779/80-1857), apparent brothers, all from Pennsylvania, of Tennessee, whose unidentified father was probably an immigrant from Ireland. (875 people).

7. Hezekiah Maxfield, immigrant from Ireland, and his wife Mary Downing, of Baltimore, MD in 1792. (957 people).
Hezekiah settled in Monongalia County, [W.] VA.
8. Edward Maxfield (m. 1809), from England, in Quebec city, Province of Quebec, by 1809. (635 people)
Edward married into the French Canadian community, and most of his descendants came to the United States. These include:

9. Richard Maxfield and his wife Ann Cranshaw, of Full Sutton, Yorkshire, England (2200 people).
Much of the family of John and Hannah was described on the website of Gregory Maxfield. However I can no longer find that website. Most of the information can be located on the Latter Day Saints genealogy website. You may check the following Ancestral File Record.
Of the four children of John and Hannah who carried on the family name, John Ellison travelled with the Latter Day Saints to Salt Lake County, UT, Richard and William travelled as far west as Pottawattamie County, IA, and Timothy remained in Canada. Roger Maxfield lived in Champaign County, IL, Ford and Gray counties Kansas, and San Diego County, CA. His children settled in Kansas.
Nelson Maxfield lived in Champaign County, IL, and Hill County TX. Most of his descendants have lived in Texas.

10. William M. Maxfield (1779-1855), of Sussex, England, who emigrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1838, following his son John G. Maxfield, who came in 1835. (144 people).
The son moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Bloomfield, Essex County, NJ. Most of his descendants lived in Essex County, NJ, with some settling in other New Jersey counties (Union, Passaic, Morris), and other states (Springfield and Longmeadow, MA, Blair County, PA, New Castle County, DE, Kiowa County, OK, and Los Angeles County, CA).

11. Thomas Maxfield, his first wife Anna Compton, and his second wife Rebecca Payne, of Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire, England (257 people)
John and Joseph lived at Pequannock Township and Boonton. Their descendants were found in Livingston Township, Orange, East Orange, Irvington, and Cedar Grove Township. William's son John moved to Milton, Northumberland County, PA, in the vicinity of which most of his descendants have lived.

12. John Maxfield, immigrant from England, whose son John B. Maxfield, was born at Columbus, Ohio, in 1837. (84 people).
The son was in Bureau County, Illinois by 1860 and Kaufmann County Texas by 1880. Most of his descendants are in Texas.

13. Henry Maxfield (1825/6-1877), and his wife Jessie Maples, immigrants from England to Chicago, Illinois, by 1859. (22 people).
Their sons moved to Jersey City, NJ, Hackensack, NJ, and Brooklyn, NY.

14. Heinrich and Maria Maxfeldt, immigrants from Germany, came to Texas in 1855. (26 people)
Heinrich's family settled in San Antonio, Texas.

15. William Maxwell Maxfield (1826-1899), of Nottinghamshire, England, and his wife Rhoda Smith, who emigrated to Ontario, Canada, by 1859. (84 people).
Their descendants lived in Ontario, North Dakota (Ramsey, Williams, Nelson, McLean and Grand Forks counties), Ohio (Coshocton County) and Nebraska (Chase County).

16. Henry Maxfield (b. 1849) and his wife Alice Maxfield, immigrants from England in 1873 to Brooklyn, NY, and her father Joseph Maxfield (b. abt 1830/1), immigrant in 1878. (37 people).
Henry lived at Brooklyn; his son Leonard moved to Los Angeles County, CA.

17. William Maxfield, from England, immigrant to Manitoba in 1882, and his wife Caroline, immigrant in 1884. (40 people)

18. James Maxfield of Monmouthshire, who followed to America his sons William (immigrant 1885) and Alexander (immigrant 1890). (24 people).

19. William Maxfield (1867-1929), immigrant to the Saint Louis area in 1887. (106 people).
William later moved to Lee County, IA. His descendants lived in Missouri (Franklin and Dent counties and Saint Louis) and Texas (Jefferson County).

20. Thomas Maxfield and his wife Sarah Furniss of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. (24 people).
whose possible son Thomas Maxfield emigrated to Merced County, California, in 1888
whose son Samuel Maxfield and his wife Mary Watts Dean emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1902.

21. Harry Ernest Maxfield and his wife Edith Corbridge, immigrants from Doncaster, Yorkshire, England to New York in 1910, settling in Buffalo. (98 people).

22. William Reginald Maxfield (1893-1965) immigrant from England to Chile, and in 1924 to the United States. (20 people).


23. George Maxfield (abt 1755-bef 8 Apr 1805) of Washington County, Maryland, in the 1790 Census. (668 people).
The descendants of Robert Harrison3 Maxfield (George2, John1) were described in detail in:
The Peterfish Family in America, 1752-1979.
Information from that source is used on these web pages.
George Maxfield migrated to Fayette County, Kentucky, where he died in 1805. At least three sons carried on the family name.
George2 Maxfield (George1) moved from Fayette to Boone County, KY, then to Macoupin County, IL. Many of his descendants remained in Macoupin County. Others moved to other Illinois locations (Greene, Scott, Piatt, Champaign, Saint Clair and Macon counties), and to Missouri (Saint Clair and Pike counties), Kansas (Atchison County), Nebraska (Cass, Box Butte, Saline, Lancaster and Red Willow counties), Washington (King and Spokane counties), Oregon (Malheur County), Idaho (Canyon County), California (Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties) and Wyoming (Carbon County).
Robert2 Maxfield (George1) moved from Boone County, KY, to Christian County, IL, where many of his descendants remained. Other moved to Indiana (Knox, Wabash and Elkhart counties).
Moses2 Maxfield (George1) moved from Boone County, KY, to Randolph County, MO, where many of his descendants remained. Others moved on to Blaine County, OK, and Hamilton County, KS.
Many family members believe that George W.3 Maxfield (perhaps Robert2, George1) belongs in this family. He migrated from Gallatin County, KY, to Sacramento County, CA, where most of his descendants have lived. One line moved to El Dorado County, CA.

24. William Maxfield (b. abt 1760/70), from Maryland, of Butler County, Ohio, by 1820. (105 people).
Son William (b. abt 1802/3) had at least five sons: Joel, William, Orange, Charles, and Samuel. Most of their descendants settled in Allen County, IN, with some moving to Marion, Johnson and DeKalb counties.

25. John Maxfield, of Wayne County, Kentucky, in 1810. (285 people).
John Maxfield appeared in Stonelick Township, Clermont County, OH in the 1840 Census, and was joined there by George Maxfield in the 1850 Census. The proximity in age, state of birth, and residence, suggest a relationship, perhaps the children of John Maxfield of Wayne County.

26. John and Hannah Maxfield, of Bradford County, PA, by 1812, whose eldest known child was born in 1789. (168 people).
Some of John's descendants lived in Bradford and Susquehanna counties, PA. One branch moved to Whiteside County, IL, and from there to Henry County, IL, Kenosha County, WI, and Linn County, IA.

27. Justin Maxfield (a.k.a. Chester Maxfield) (1806-1886), of Herkimer County, New York. (131 people).
Most of Justin/Chester's descendants lived in Herkimer County, NY, with a few moving to the nearby counties of Madison and Oneida.

28. Hiram T. Maxfield (1808-aft 1880), and his wife Nancy Blevens, from Tennessee, of Saint Clair County, Illinois, by 1842. (240 people).
Much of this family is describe in well documented detail at Descendants of Hiram T. Maxfield
Hiram had moved to Sutter County, CA, by 1880. Hiram's son Ephraim, settled in Benton County, OR, where most of his descendants lived. Some moved to other Oregon counties (Multnomah, Tillamook, Polk, Yamhill, Lane), and to Modoc County, CA.

29. Jefferson Maxfield (abt 1815-aft 1870), and his wife Mahannah Morris, of Marshall County, Alabama (1850) and White County, Illinois (1870). (239 people).
Most of Jefferson's descendants lived in Illinois (White, Saline, Gallatin and Champaign counties) and Arkansas (Craighead, Greene and Poinsett counties). A few moved to major cities, Saint Louis, Seattle, and Detroit.

30. Uriah Maxfield (1815-1868), of Baltimore, Maryland, in 1839. (125 people)
Uriah moved to Independence County, AR, by 1850, where most of his descendants lived. A few went west to Oklahoma (Oklahoma County) and California (Los Angeles and Alameda counties).

31. Rezin Maxfield (abt 1815-bef 1859), and his wife Mary Weeks, of Pasquotank County, North Carolina. (102 people).
Rezin Maxfield, from North Carolina, was reported in Pasquotank County in the 1850 Census. His son James moved west to Sangamon County, IL, and then to Foster County, ND. The descendants of James lived in Sangamon County, IL, Foster County, ND, and in Minnesota (Wadena, Ramsey and Washington counties).

32. Joseph Maxfield of Columbia County, New York, and his wife Ester Benjamin, whose sons Ambrose (1810-1882), John B. (1819-aft 1900), Norman (abt 1816-aft 1880), and Amos (abt 1812-1910) were of South Amboy, NJ, Milwaukee, WI, and Branch County, MI. (538 people).
Detailed information on the descendants of John Benjamin Maxfield's grandson Morgan Eugene Maxfield can be found at:
Descendants of E.A. Maxfield

33. Chauncy W. Maxfield, and his wife Lena Van Dusen, from Columbia County, New York, whose son Chauncy Maxfield (1820-aft 1880), was in Lapeer County, Michigan, by 1840. (189 people).
Most of Chauncy Maxfield's descendants lived in Lapeer County, MI, some lived in other Michigan counties (Emmet, Wayne, Genesee, Oakland, Sanilac) and one went to Hennepin County, MN.

34. Frank Maxfield and Harriet Moore, African American of Hanover County, Virginia, parents of Stafford Maxfield (abt 1839/40-bef 1900), Herbert Maxfield (abt 1846/7-1879) and Miles Maxfield (1851- ). (125 people)
Stafford lived in Hanover County, Virginia, at least by 1880. One son moved to New Kent County, Virginia. Another son moved to Brooklyn, New York.
Herbert lived in Hanover County, VA; some of his descendants lived in Washington, DC, adjoining locations in Maryland, and Sussex County DE.
Miles lived in Washington, DC.

35. William M. Maxfield (1821-1883), from Tennessee, of Smith County, Texas, by 1850. (747 people).

The family of William M. Maxfield is well described in detail at a website maintained by John and Gene Lang:
Descendants of William M. Maxfield
Most of William's descendants have lived in the East Texas counties of Smith and Van Zandt. Some have lived in other Texas counties (Henderson, Hopkins, Red River, Wood, Kaufman, Rusk, McLennan, Grayson, Randall), and in Oklahoma (Osage and Choctaw counties).

36. Alex (b. 1822/3 SC) and Dinah (b. 1838/9 MS) Maxfield, African American of Lowndes Co., Mississippi, by 1880. (101 people).
Their son Sam moved to Lee County, TX, where most of their descendants have lived, some moving to other locations in Texas.

37. William Maxfield (abt 1824/5-bef 1900) and his wives Malinda and Euphemia, from Jackson County, Tennessee, of Vermillion County, Indiana, by 1880. (242 people).
William and most of his descendants lived in Vermillion County, IN. Some settled in Kentucky (Crittenden, Muhlenburg, Livingston, and McCracken counties).

Smaller fragments of lines from Columbia County, New York
In addition to Joseph and Ester (line #32) and Chauncy and Lena (line #33)

38A. William Maxfield of Columbia County, NY (49 people).-
William was born in 1748; his probable child, Albert, born 1808, was of Delaware County, New York, in 1860.

38B. William and Lydia Maxfield/Maxwell of Columbia County, New York, in 1810. (56 people)
This family is confusing because of the frequent shifts in the last name from Maxfield to Maxwell. Perhaps some generations changed their name from Maxfield to Maxwell. Most of Williams's descendants lived in Columbia County, NY, and Berkshire County, MA.

38C. Louisa, mother of George A. Maxfield, b. 1848, Otis, MA, who married Ida M. Messenger. (59 people).
Descendants lived in Pittsfield and Great Barrington, MA, Danbury and New Haven, CT, Cleveland, OH, and Riverside and Los Angeles counties, CA.

Smaller fragments of African-American lines
In addition to Frank Maxfield ansd Harriett Moore (line #34) and Alex and Dinah Maxfield (line # 36)

39A. Nancy (a.k.a. Anna) Maxfield (b. abt 1769/70 or abt 1781/2), African American, of Harford County, MD. (73 people).
Nancy Maxfield was born in Maryland; she and her descendants lived in Harford County.

39B. George Maxfield (1781/2-aft 1870), African American, of Lancaster County, PA. (70 people).
According to family tradition, George was the son of a white Quaker Maxfield of Philadelphia, and his black slave, to whom he granted freedom and land in Lancaster County. Most of George's descendants lived in southern Lancaster County (Little Britain Twp), southern Chester County (Kennett Square and Avondale), Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and New York City.

39C. Daniel and Stacie Maxfield (parents by 1833) of New Castle, Delaware, African Americans (46 people).
Their probable son William settled in Penn Yan, NY, a fugitive slave.
Their son Lewis lived at Saint Georges, DE.

39D. Jordan and Anna Maxfield/Maxwell (b. 1833/4), African American, of Hempstead County, Arkansas. (67 people)
Jordan and his descendants lived at Ozan Township, Hempstead County, AR., and Travis County, TX

39E. Anthony Maxfield and his wife Millie Howard, whose African American children, born at Georgia 1841-1865, lived in adulthood at Giddings, Texas (41 people)

39F Giles Maxfield and his wife Sarah Fisher, African American, whose son William Maxfield was born at North Carolina in 1867. (44 people).
William and his children lived in Forsythe Co., NC.

Smaller fragments of White lines from Tennessee
In addition to Seth, James and John (line #6), Hiram (line #28), William who went to Smith County, Texas (line #35, and William, Malinda and Euphemia (line 37)

40A. William Maxfield of Wilson County, Tennessee, by 1820. (57 people).
Most of his descendants lived in Wilson County, Tennessee, and Muhlenberg and Davies counties, Kentucky.

40B. James Maxfield (b. abt 1816/7) and his brother George Maxfield (b. abt 1822/3), from Tennessee, who settled in Missouri. (94 people).

Other Smaller fragments of lines

41. Amiza Maxfield (abt 1805-aft 1860), from Pennsylvania, of Tuscarora County, Ohio, by 1831 (51 people).
Amiza "Emzy" Maxfield's descendants scattered to Iowa (Benton and Linn counties), Missouri (Buchanan County), Colorado (Routt County) and Washington (Cowlitz County).

42. George Maxfield and his wife Fannie Phelps, of Connecticut, who setteld in northeastern Pennsylvania probably by 1827. (58 people)
Their sons John Meigs Maxfield (1832-1921) and Bishop P. Maxfield (1838-1930) were of Luzerne County, PA by the time of their enlistment in the Civil War. Most of their descendants remained in Luzerne County; one line went to Ohio.

43. William H. Maxfield (abt 1813-aft 1880) and his wife Louise Charlotte Hogoboon and possible brother Edward from New York, of Erie County OH by 1840. (45 people)
William was reported at Erie County, OH, from 1840 to 1860, at Wood County, OH, in 1870, and at Powhatan County, VA, in 1880. Two of his sons remained in Erie County, OH, while a third moved to Prince William County, VA, and to Washington, DC.

44. Madison (b. abt 1817/8), Jenkins H. (1823-1877), and Thomas Maxfield (abt 1830-1860), Cherokee, probable brothers, from Cherokee Nation (Tennessee and Georgia) to Indian Territory by 1847. (52 people).
Jenkins had the most known descendants, who were living in the area of Tulsa, OK.

45. John Henry Maxfield (1845-1932), and his wife Margaret Reynolds Lindsay, from Wheeling [West] Virginia, who lived in various locations in Ohio and Oklahoma. (89 people)
John Henry Maxfield lived at Wood County, OH (1880), Kingfisher County, OK (1900) and Garfield County, OK (1930). His descendants lived at Caddo, Garfield and Kingfisher counties, OK.

46. Clyde Ellis Maxfield (1892-1960) and his wife Reva Dever, of Tipton County, Indiana (40 people)
Clyde is consistently called a “Maxfield” in all records, but his father Asa and his brothers are consistently called “Mayfield.” The family is based in Indiana.

47. Elijah Maxfield (1867-1942) and his wife Betsey A. Bryant, of Franklin County, New York. (55 people).
Their son Charles Sylvester Maxfield moved to Saint Lawrence County, NY.
This line is probably descended from John Maxfield of Salisbury, MA (line #2), but I have not found the connection.

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