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As of 3 January 2017 I had 29,723 persons in my Maxfield database. Not all of these are included on this website.

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POLICY ON LIVING PERSONS: In the past I have tried to follow the practice of many on-line genealogies to exclude information on living persons. However, if I do not have death information, I do not know if a person is living or dead. Also, much of my information comes from on-line sources or other sources of public information that are available to anyone. So I have not really been protecting anyone's privacy. So now I include all persons. I exclude addresses and locations of living persons (except where they appear in blockquotes, such as published obituaries). If anyone does not want any information on you or your family posted here, please contact me, and I will remove it. Perhaps by including the names of the living, it will help some readers to locate where they relate.

WARNING: This page does not indicate the quality of evidence, or lack thereof, for the information presented. Consult the individual pages or contact Chuck Maxfield for documentation.

Lines listed below:

Lines that can be traced to an immigrant (or a person claimed to be child of an immigrant) in chronological order of immigration.

1. Clement Maxfield (-1692), and his wife Mary Denman, immigrants from England, married, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, by 1639 . (1343 people)

2. John Maxfield, immigrant from England, of Salisbury, Massachusetts, by 1652. (6450 people).

3. Alexander Maxfield, of Northampton County, VA, by 1655. (54 people).

4. John Maxfield of Dutchess County, New York, by 1722 (560 people).

5. William Maxfield (1727-1810), immigrant from Ireland, of Windham, Maine, by 1747. (785 people).

6. Seth Maxfield (abt 1760-abt 1835), John Maxfield (abt 1770-abt 1840), and James Maxfield (abt 1779-80-1857), apparent brothers, all from Pennsylvania, of Tennessee, whose unidentified father was probably an immigrant from Ireland. (875 people).

7. Hezekiah Maxfield, immigrant from Ireland, and his wife Mary Downing, of Baltimore, MD in 1792. (957 people).

8. Edward Maxfield (m. 1809), from England, in Quebec city, Province of Quebec, by 1809. (635 people)

9. Richard Maxfield and his wife Ann Cranshaw, of Full Sutton, Yorkshire, England (2200 people).

10. William M. Maxfield (1779-1855), of Sussex, England, who emigrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1838, following his son John G. Maxfield, who came in 1835. (144 people).

11. Thomas Maxfield, his first wife Anna Compton, and his second wife Rebecca Payne, of Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire, England (257 people)

12. John Maxfield, immigrant from England, whose son John B. Maxfield, was born at Columbus, Ohio, in 1837.. (84 people).

13. Henry Maxfield (1825/6-1877), and his wife Jessie Maples, immigrants from England to Chicago, Illinois, by 1859. (22 people).

14. Heinrich and Maria Maxfeldt, immigrants from Germany, came to Texas in 1855. (26 people).

15. William Maxwell Maxfield (1826-1899), of Nottinghamshire, England, and his wife Rhoda Smith, who emigrated to Ontario, Canada, by 1859. (84 people).

16. Henry Maxfield (b. 1849) and his wife Alice Maxfield, immigrants from England in 1873 to Brooklyn, NY, and her parents Joseph and Alice Maxfield (b. abt 1830/1), immigrant in 1878. (37 people)

17. William Maxfield and his wife Caroline Crump, immigrants from England to Manitoba in 1882 and 1884 (40 people).

18. James Maxfield of Monmouthshire, who followed to America his sons William (immigrant 1885) and Alexander . (24 people).

19. William Maxfield (1867-1929), emigrated to the Saint Louis area in 1887 . (106 people)

20. Thomas Maxfield and his wife Sarah Furniss of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, Whose possible son Thomas immigrated to California in 1888 and whose son Samuel immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1902. (24 people).

21. Harry Ernest Maxfield from Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, and his wife Edith Corbridge, immigrants to New York City in 1910, who later settled in the Buffalo area. (98 people)

22. William Reginald Maxfield, who immigrated from England to Chile before 1921, and after his marriage to Ruth Southwick came to the United States in 1924, and settled in the New York City area. (20 people).

Fragments of lines not yet traced to an immigrant, with at least one hundred names in my database, in approximate chronological order, followed by smaller fragments of from 40 to 99 persons in my database, grouped by location or race.

23. George Maxfield (abt 1755-bef 8 Apr 1805) of Washington County, Maryland, in the 1790 Census. . (668 people).

24. William Maxfield (b. abt 1760-70), from Maryland, of Butler County, Ohio, by 1820.. (105 people).

25. John Maxfield, of Wayne County, Kentucky, in 1810. (285 people).

26. John and Hannah Maxfield, of Bradford County, PA, by 1812, whose eldest known child was born in 1789. (168 people).

27. Justin Maxfield (a.k.a. Chester Maxfield) (1806-1886), of Herkimer County, New York. (131 people).

28. Hiram T. Maxfield (1808-aft 1880), and his wife Nancy Blevens, from Tennessee, of Saint Clair County, Illinois, by 1842. (240 people).

29. Jefferson Maxfield (abt 1815-aft 1870), and his wife Mahannah Morris, of Marshall County, Alabama (1850) and White County, Illinois (1870). (239 people).

30. Uriah Maxfield (1815-1868), of Baltimore, Maryland, in 1839, settled in Batesville, AR. (125 people).

31. Rezin Maxfield (abt 1815-bef 1859), and his wife Mary Weeks, of Pasquotank County, North Carolina. (102 people).

32. Joseph Maxfield of Columbia County, New York, and his wife Ester Benjamin, whose sons Ambrose (1810-1882), John B. (1819-aft 1900), Norman (abt 1816-aft 1880), and Amos (abt 1812-1910) were of South Amboy, NJ, Milwaukee, WI, and Branch County, MI. (538 people).

33. Chauncy W. Maxfield, and his wife Lena Van Dusen, from Columbia County, New York, whose son Chauncy Maxfield (1820-aft 1880), was in Lapeer County, Michigan, by 1840. (189 people).

34. Frank Maxfield and Harriet Moore, African Americans of Hanover County, Virginia, mother of Stafford Maxfield (abt 1839/40-bef 1900), Herbert Maxfield (abt 1846/7-1879) and Miles Maxfield (1851- ). (125 people)

35. William M. Maxfield (1821-1883), from Tennessee, of Smith County, Texas, by 1850 (747 people).

36. Alex (b. 1822/3 SC) and Dinah (b. 1838-9 MS) Maxfield, African American of Lowndes Co., MS, by 1880. (101 people).

37. William Maxfield (abt 1824/5-bef 1900) and his wivee Malinda and Euphemia, from Jackson County, Tennessee, of Vermillion County, Indiana, by 1880. (258 people).

Smaller fragments of lines from Columbia County, New York

38A. William Maxfield of Columbia County, NY (49 people)

38B. William and Lydia Maxfield/Maxwell of Columbia County, New York, in 1810. (56 people)

38C. Louisa, mother of George A. Maxfield, b. 1848, Otis, MA, who married Ida M. Messenger. (59 people).

Smaller fragments of African American lines

39A. Nancy (a.k.a. Anna) Maxfield (b. abt 1769/70 or abt 1781/2), African American, of Harford County, MD. (73 people).

39B. George Maxfield (1781/2-aft 1870), African American, of Lancaster County, PA. (70 people).

39C. Daniel and Stacie Maxfield (parents by 1833) of New Castle, DE, African Americans (46 people).

39D. Jordan and Anna Maxfield/Maxwell (b. 1833/4), African American, of Hempstead County, AR. (67 people)

39E. Anthony Maxfield and his wife Millie Howard, whose African American children, born at Georgia 1841-1865, lived in adulthood at Giddings, TX (41 people)

39F. Giles Maxfield and his wife Sarah Fisher, African American, whose son William Maxfield was born at North Carolina in 1867. (44 people).

Other fragments of White lines from Tennessee

40A. William Maxfield of Wilson County, Tennessee, by 1820. (57 people).

40B. James Maxfield (b. abt 1816/7) and his brother George Maxfield (b. abt 1822/3), from Tennessee, who settled in Missouri. (94 people).

Other fragments of lines

41. Amiza Maxfield (abt 1805-aft 1860), from Pennsylvania, of Tuscarora County, OH, by 1831 (51 people).

42. George Maxfield and his wife Fannie Phelps, from Connecticut, who setteld in northeastern Pennsylvania by 1827. (58 people).

43. William H. Maxfield (abt 1813-aft 1880) and his wife Louise Charlotte Hogoboon, and possible brother Edward, from New York, of Erie County, OH, by 1840 (45 people).

44. Madison (b. abt 1817/8), Jenkins H. (1823-1877), and Thomas Maxfield (abt 1830-1860), probable brothers, who lived among the Cherokee Nation (Tennessee and Georgia) to Indian Territory by 1847. (52 people).

45. John Henry Maxfield (1845-1932), and his wife Margaret Reynolds Lindsay, from Wheeling [West] Virginia, who lived in various locations in Ohio and Oklahoma. (89 people)

46. Clyde Ellis Maxfield (1892-1960) and his wife Reva Dever, of Tipton County, IN (40 people)

47. Elijah Maxfield (1867-1942) and his wife Betsey A. Bryant, of Franklin County, New York. (55 people).

1. Clement Maxfield (-1692), and his wife Mary Denman, immigrants from England, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, by 1639.